The Truth Behind the Nerium Scam

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Nerium Scam

Is Nerium a ScamBecause of the previous networking scams, people are unsurprisingly wary of any MLM or networking company and that is why some may ask about a Nerium Scam. But then, we still see a lot of networking companies, thriving and strong. What makes the industry stay strong is the fact that the multi-level marketing strategy works. It has been the platform of distributing premium product worldwide. Nerium International Inc. is not exempted from the industry and scam rumors. The Nerium scam appeared as soon as the inception of the company.

Is there any truth about the Nerium scam?  I would say not at all….

The Scam behind the Nerium Scam

Nerium International Inc., the company targeted with the Nerium scam buzz, is the worldwide distributor of the NeriumAD line of skin care products. A scam networking company is something that operates without any valid product to start with. Here are other pointers that will nullify the Nerium scam rumors;

    • Nerium International is headed by Jeff Olson – Jeff Olson is a renowned marketer with over 20 years of marketing experience and presence in the industry. He also authored a book on personal strategies of success, The Slight Edge. After successfully spearheading start up companies, he now heads Nerium International. No reputable marketer will come near a scam company. Jeff Olson alone can eradicate the Nerium scam talks.
    • Nerium has a valid product backed by science – The NeriumAD line of skin care products is a result of years of scientific research and studies. The product is clinically proven effective and is perfectly marketable with a billion dollar ready market. There can be no Nerium scam when it has NeriumAD that is backed by expensive scientific research.
    • Neriumhas more than 7,000 brand partners worldwide – The entire 7,000 Nerium brand partners cannot be wrong. Remember, these people are professionals, educated and law-abiding citizens, many of whom are experts in MLM. If there are people to discern a scam from a legit company, it would be those who have been successful in the industry.
    • Nerium offers real opportunities to deserving brand partners – Jeff Olson and other leaders of the Nerium International has come up with a viable compensation programs to its brand partners. You have to pay membership fee upon registration, but that will come with a NeriumAD pack. You earn by either recruiting or selling products, not from your membership fee.

Anything that is too good to be true is subjected to doubts and speculation. The fast growth of Nerium International, coupled with its unbelievably huge earning possibilities, might be the root of the Nerium scam rumors, but its steady growth and increasing number of satisfied customers will eventually erase all doubts on the legitimacy of Nerium.

To learn more about Jeff Olson and Nerium International, you may click here now.  If you are looking to sponsor more Brand Partners to your business, you can watch this short video now!!

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Nerium Scam

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3 Responses to “The Truth Behind the Nerium Scam”

  1. Flora says:

    Here is something you might be interested to know about Nerium:
    This is what MD Anderson has to say publicly:

    • Jake Oliver Jake Oliver says:

      Hi Flora, thanks for pointing out that article. I understand there will always be confusion about who created the product or who endorses the product. This review was an unbiased review of what I know of the company and what I think of the company. It is up to the reps to decide if Nerium is a fit for their portfolio.

      Jake O

  2. Heidi says:

    Nerium is now PATENTED. The first and only ever patented antioxidant skin care product. Nerium is Big Brothers & sisters largest doner and gives back 30% of its profits back to medical research. Nerium Biotechnologies extracts an enzym from a non toxic variety of oleander. This product is not toxic or cancer causing. The fact that its patented speaks for that. I have been a small business owner for 23 years and guess what? Life is one big pyramid. Relationship marketing gives anyone who wants to put in the tine ( like with any business) a chance to go straight to the top and make a generous amount if money. It’s not for everyone and that’s why bit everyone owns a business.

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