Nicole Cooper: Empower Network and Inspiration

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Who Is Nicole?

For Nicole Cooper, Empower Network gave her $1,000 in commissions on her first day. She made $5,500 in 100% commissions in three weeks. All of this is amazing enough for anyone starting a home business blog. The fact that she was nine months pregnant and on bed rest makes this story even more inspiring.

Nicole Cooper – Empower Network: A Content Revolution

When Nicole Cooper and Empower Network came together she realized that there was one thing that many people we wasting time on: content creation.

Many of the people that have started a home business blog spend hours every day creating content. Nicole uses video to populate her blog. Her content takes exactly as long as the video is to create. She records videos about what she is doing in a sort of video diary. Her home business blog also contains lots of information about how to recreate the Nicole Cooper Empower Network experience.

Nicole Cooper – Empower Network: A Great Team

The Nicole Cooper – Empower Network experience started with a mom beginning her home business blog. She has now built it into over 10,000 people on the Nicole S. Cooper Team.

She shows her team how to make money through their home business blogs using her techniques and her enthusiasm.

Nicole Cooper Empower Network

Nicole Cooper – Empower Network: The Content Store

A huge part of Nicole Cooper’s Empower Network success is her very own content store. People operating their own home business blog can purchase content to put up on their blog. That allows Empower Network bloggers to buy the content that they need to make money.

The way to make money from an Empower Network blog is to make sales to others. By selling content to others, Nicole helps others focus on what makes them money: selling to others, prospecting for new contacts and helping others grow their own networks.

Nicole Cooper – Empower Network: The Influence

Even a few minutes spent watching videos on the Nicole Cooper Empower Network blog can convince anyone of the power of her personality and her enthusiasm. She is confident, not just about herself, but about everyone she meets.

Her extremely powerful personality comes through whether she is sitting at her desk or she is sitting in the front seat of the family car chronicling her recent move to a new city.

It is that infectious enthusiasm that makes her a leader. She might have a great marketing mind. She may have a great deal of knowledge. It is her infectious enthusiasm that makes her home business blog a must-watch every time.

Nicole Cooper- Empower Network: Video Power

With Nicole Cooper, Empower Network is a dynamic, living platform of sound and visuals that she uses to teach everyone how to be as successful as she is.

Her videos are simple productions without a ton of bells and whistles. They are generally one woman, speaking directly to her friends. That friendly feeling is powerful and makes joining the life of having a home business blog a positive and wonderful opportunity.

Nicole Cooper – Empower Network: Next Steps

For my part, I have been learning from Nicole and lots of others in Empower Network how to grow a profitable home business blog.

I would love to hear from you and help you get started doing what I and Nicole Cooper and thousands of others have done: Making money writing a blog and spreading the good news of a powerful opportunity.

And be sure to take the time to access one of the Internet’s most valuable resources: The Nicole Cooper Empower Network blog.
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