Is Ruby Ribbon for Real or a Fad?

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The Company Basics of RubyRibbon


Most of the people want to read this article because they want to gain more knowledge about Ruby Ribbon, and various products offered from their platform. The clothing offered by Ruby Ribbon is unique, and popular amongst females.

As always, I highly advise that you conduct your own research regarding Ruby Ribbon so that you are able to reveal the facts about RubyRibbon and what this company is about.  Here, I am trying to give you a 3rd party review of the Ruby Ribbon company, and its products.

The Company, Who is Ruby Ribbon?

Ruby Ribbon company logoRubyRibbon was founded by Anna Zorrnosa, who is a working mom. Ruby Ribbon is a company that offers unique fashion collections for the females, and the clothing that is offered by the Ruby Ribbon has become favorite for the ladies of all age groups.

The basic objective of the company is to provide beautiful dresses and other clothing option for the ladies. Ruby Ribbon is providing options for the females to choose stylish yet flexible clothings for their wardrobe. The Ruby Ribbon has introduced an innovative technology which is known as Intomi by Ruby Ribbon.

The Ruby Ribbon Collection

The RubyRibbon Collection is offered through a network that is represented by various independent stylists. These stylists introduce the company and the products to potential customers through  home trunk shows. Besides these home trunk shows, RubyRibbon is also offered on different online stores.

The main focus of the Ruby Ribbon collection is on the home trunk shows where customers not only receive personal attention from the qualified stylists, but also get the assistance regarding fitting. Home trunk shows are arranged in a casual and fun atmosphere so that the ladies do not feel awkward while trying on the dresses offered by RubyRibbon.RubyRibbon dresses

Home trunk shows hostess receives an attractive commission on the sales which is around 15% of total sales they made in a particular show. Besides that, the hostess of the home trunk show, gets an item for ½ price, and also a hostess booking award which is normally 75% off on any RubyRibbon item.  You can qualify for the hostess booking award when any of your guests books a home trunk show.

How to Get Involved With Ruby Ribbon

In order to enroll yourself with RubyRibbon, you need to purchase a Hello Kit from RubyRibbon which costs you $199.00.  In this Hello Kit, you will get samples of different clothing, catalogs of the latest collection offered by Ruby Ribbon, order forms in which you will use to take orders from your customers, visiting cards, mesh lingerie bag, display sign, and an e-commerce site for next two months.

After purchasing this Hello Kit, you become  a representative of the Ruby Ribbon, and can arrange home trunk shows.  From here, you start earning a stable monthly income as well as a reasonable discount off the fascinating Ruby Ribbon clothing line.

Once you enroll to become a member in Ruby Ribbon, you will have accesss to your own e-commerce site.  This allows you to make sales through the intenet so that you don’t have to rely only on home trunk shows to offer your Ruby Ribbon Collections.

Ways to Make Money through Ruby Ribbon

By working as a personal stylist with RubyRibbon Collection, you can earn fair commission on the sales from your events. Besides that, you will also get additional bonuses when your team will earn from their sales. As I mentioned earlier, the commission on sales are 15% of the total sales plus huge discounts on different RubyRibbon products.

Make money with rubyribbon

At first it looks a bit confusing to arrange home trunk shows and make sales to earn commission, but this is a brand new idea of enjoying a good monthly income. The company is providing a new network marketing business model that offers rewards not only on your personal sales, but also on the sales of your partners.

This great opportunity is available for both who are looking to earn additional part time income or for someone who wants to work full time as an independent stylists with this company.

How I can Help You In Earning Money from Ruby Ribbon

In network marketing the challenge always remains that people are failing to understand the basic reasons of decrease in their sales. For every network marketer, it is important to understand the importance of finding new customers on a regular basis. Those who rely only on their old list of customers often fail to survive in the market.  You must ask yourself a simple question… “Do I want to FAIL or SUCCEED”?  I’m sure you want to succeed or you would not be reading this review.

With that being said, I am the right person to who can help Ruby Ribbon opportunity.  I can teach you how to become a top earner by selling different RubyRibbon products through home trunk shows as well as through online marketing sales.

I can also help you to generate quality leads on a daily basis and creat sales by targeting the exact potential customers that you are searching for. Just like all other network marketing opportunities available in the market, Ruby Ribbon sales are the key to they to your success and you must find new customers on a daily basis.

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Ruby Ribbon

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